Mega LinkedIn & Personal Branding Workshop


Grill your basics of personal branding on LinkedIn right from profile building to content strategy, the ‘right’ way of networking with recruiters.

Batch 5 – Launching Soon | Free Goodies | 100 seats only 


What will you learn and Why?

The fastest way to grow from 0 network, networking with recruiters

Recruiters judge you by your appearance, oh, we meant your LinkedIn profile. Your resume takes a back seat if you do not have a compelling profile. From Zero to Hero, learn how to effectively reach out to recruiters with message templates and some hacks to receive responses from just any recruiter.

Understanding Linkedin, Content Strategy for high growth

We don’t take workshops to understand Instagram or Facebook but LinkedIn. Why?

It’s different. It takes strategy and understanding the algorithm, identifying your key strengths. It’s not about the number of followers but what you can give back to LinkedIn and how.


Bridge the gap between your skills and companies

Would you buy a namkeen packet of Haldirams (a famous brand for snacks in India) or Abgcvjdi (gibberish)? Of course, Haldirams. Why? The brand. Hence, why do we need a personal brand? To be picked by the best companies.

Free Resources for Growth & Career

Who doesn’t like a cake without cream and a workshop without a takeaway material? There are workshops that do not offer you anything but video lectures. Get some real resources for your action. Act now. Learn and Grow with us.

" 95% HRs believe that the job market will remain or become more competitive. If you don’t stand out online, your competition will."


"85% Recruiters & HR professionals say that an employee’s online reputation influences their hiring decisions."



Free Resources

ATS-Proof Resume Templates

Stop worrying about how to build a perfect resume, get this template, just fill in your details.

Content Idea Cheat-Sheet

Always confused about what to post? Well, you can always peak on this sheet for ideas. (Available in Combo Offer only)

5-Message Templates

Recruiters don’t reply to you? Well, if you follow these message templates they are highly likely to! (Available in Combo Offer only)

Sample Cover Letter

Always blank and takes you hours to write the perfect cover letter? This is for you.

3,000 Graphics, Illustrations

A folder with free graphics and illustrations for your portfolios and websites. (Available in Combo Offer only)

A-Z Freelancing Guide

We’re sure you thought of earning side bucks off your skills but confused? This guide is your start!(Available in Combo Offer only)

Why join our next batch?

"No suggestions. Damn you are too good! Looking forward to more of these webinars if possible. You just spread confidence and motivation! Thank you so much for this!"

Sri Laasya Nutheti – Google DSC Lead, Andhra University

"The session was really really amazing and I hope I get the privilege to attend more such kinds of sessions. Keep influencing and more power to you!"

Tanya Bahl – Shri Ram College of Commerce, DU

"I genuinely appreciate the efforts behind the content delivered. I can see the amount of hard work behind all of it. All this for the benefit of society. I am glad I joined the workshop."

Upashrutti Anand – Electrical Engineering Student, AVV, Coimbatore

Answers to some of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the next batch of the workshop start?

Date: To be announced for July/August 2021
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. IST

Will the workshop be live or pre-recorded?

The workshop would be live. It would give you a chance to interact with the instructor at any point in time, understand concepts better.

How much time do I need to devote to the workshop?

You need to devote a total of 3-5 hours to the workshop spread across 2-days. (Which includes completing your homework or tasks as well.) Yes, you will be getting homework. But don’t worry it won’t be like the college one. 😀

What if I can't attend the workshop after registration?

In case you are not able to attend the workshop, you would be accommodated in the next batch of the LinkedIn workshop.

Do I need to have any pre-requisite knowledge?

No, just a zeal to learn.

If I don't have a laptop, can I attend the workshop from my phone?

Yes, you can attend the workshop with any device. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you are good to go.

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