Pathway to International Events Workshop

One-stop workshop to clear myths about international events, dig some great international events, learn to master applications, raise funds for yourself, networking tips.

Exclusive workshop: Free of cost, available to students who register for Mega Linkedin & Personal Branding Workshop


Why this workshop?

What will you learn?

Application answers, resume, recommendations

Are you usually confused about what to write in an answer? What do reviewers look for? What should your resume look like?

Who should you ask for recommendations? No, It’s doesn’t have to be an experienced/reputed person always. Surprised? Well, you’ll find out more in this workshop.

Raising funds for International Events

Clueless how to pay for registration fees if the event is not fully funded? 

Dravisha shares various ways to raise funds and key points from her experience of fundraising INR. 1,00,000/- for HPAIR Harvard College Conference 2019.

When to raise funds and when to not? What planning does it require? We cover it all.

No Knowledge, Myths, Scams

If you Google fully funded events, most events that come up are scams. Most people think, international events are not easily affordable. Most don’t know what to write in applications or even network well at an events. We started this workshop to help you with all!

Free one-time application review, sample answers

You get a free one-time application review with the combo offer, sample answers of selected applications at conferences such as at Harvard to have an idea of how to structure yours.


Free Resources

Sample Personal Essay

Confused about what to write in SOPs or Personal Essays? Glance at one and start writing yours.

Sample Application Answers

Read and learn from sample applications answers to frame your own perfect ones.

Free Application Review

Stuck on an application and need a quick review? We’re here to help you with our comments.

Why join our next batch?

"I really like the ease and the simplicity with which the International Events Workshop conducted. Very to the point and relevant to what is needed to be heard."

Anshul Kaul – HPAIR’21 Delegate, Student, Benett University

"Thank you so so much for helping me with the application essay and I strongly believe that your suggestions were indeed of great significance. Also, Thank you for conducting such high-quality workshops and never stop doing it!"

Siddharth Pandit – HPAIR’21 Delegate, NIT, Tiruchirapalli

"Thank you so much dravisha for sharing your personal experiences and knowledge and making this corona time really productive and happening! this workshop was one of the best ever had in this lockdown time!"

Pushkar Bansal – Video Editor, GZSCE, Bhatinda


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the next batch of the workshop start?

Date: To be announce for July/August 2021
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. IST

Are International Events costly? If yes, Is this workshop for everyone?

Not always, International events are also fully funded, partially funded. It’s inclusive of all students, professionals.

Are the sample answers, essays we get authentic?

Yes, in fact, the answers are from the applications of accepted International Events delegates.

What is one-time application review?

Post-workshop, we are open to reviewing your application in case you need comments for improvement. Note: We don’t write answers for you.

What if I can't attend the workshop after registration?

In case you are not able to attend the workshop, you would be accommodated in the next batch of the workshop.

When do I receive the free resources?

You get them post 24-48 hours of the workshop.

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