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How do the workshops empower you?

I really like the genuinity. Specially the fact that every single one of the advice was tried and tested. I loved that Dravisha really made sure her efforts came out and made an impact and went every extra mile to make it work. 

The tasks were amazing actually. I was really really shy and scared to put them into effect, It’s not really what I normally do, I don’t engage a lot, but it has definitely started to make a difference just in two day. Its baffling.

Anushka Chakrobarty

Student, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna

I have been following Dravisha over LinkedIn for quite some time now, I really enjoyed attending the session. What I really like was that it wasn’t just about telling us some tricks verbally. Rather you, also used your profile and gave a real time example of certain concepts. Also, the video you share, they were really informative. The tasks really pushed to improve my profile, and your session gave me a structure on how to improve my profile summary. It was something that I had been trying to look into for a long time now.

Nayan Kumara Rahata

Managed Network Expert, Chegg Inc.

Dravisha explained the concepts really well and the tasks helped me tremendously. The requirement to complete the tasks to get the bonuses was the required push for me to start working on this aspect.

The workshop was a really good experience. A little overwhelming in the beginning but a great learning for me. The tasks helped me into putting my thoughts and ideas into action.

Rajat Jhalani

Consultant, Wipro Limited

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Why our workshops

are loved?

The ease and the simplicity with which the International Events Workshop was conducted. Very to the point and relevant to what is needed to be heard.

Anshul Kaul
Benett University

I genuinely appreciate the efforts behind the content delivered. I can see the amount of hard work behind all of it. All this for the benefit of society. Not many have this intention, I am glad I connected with Dravisha over LinkedIn and joined the workshop.

Electrical Engineering Student
AVV, Coimbatore

I really like the interactive doubt sessions and your patience with our doubts. Also, the idea of giving us homework (tasks) was really cool. I ended up improving my profile significantly because of that!

Yashraj Kakkad
Student & Research Fellow
Ahmedabad University

The genuine efforts that Dravisha put in to make sure that we do the tasks really was a booster. She was prompt and polite to all our doubts, even the vague ones.

Amaan Bandukwaala
Mechanical Engineering Student
GIT, Karnataka

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