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After a lot requests, as a former delegate, I am sharing everything about The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations Conference.

What is HPAIR?

The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) was founded to create a forum of exchange for students and young professionals to discuss and learn about the most important economic, political, and social issues facing the Asia-Pacific region. Source:

How many HPAIR Conferences are organized in a year and where do they happen?

There are currently two HPAIR Conferences that happen annually, one takes place in February at Harvard every year (300 delegates) and the other one happens in August at any one of the Asian countries (600 delegates), I attended both as a delegate from India

Where and How can I apply?

The applications roll out around 4-5 months prior to the HPAIR Conference. Simply google apply for HPAIR or go to the link: to fill out the application.

What is the selection process?

It starts with the application. The application consists of basic bio-data and approximately two theme-related questions and one generic question which you need to answer in 300 words. Furthermore, If your application is selected you’ll receive an email to select your slot for the skype interview which would be taken by one of the Harvard staff members or the HPAIR organizing committee. (this might or might not happen i.e. you’ll be directly selected on the basis of your application) The last step to confirm your spot after you’re selected is to register yourself by paying the registration fees. And tada! you’re good to go.

How was my interview experience?

Since I opted for Technology and Innovation track, my interview was based on that. I was asked questions like, “Why do you want to be a part of HPAIR?”, “What is the pace of technology and innovation in your country? Where are they lacking? And how can they better it?”, “What is your favourite latest technology and why?”. “How can you better the world by using any of the latest technologies if given a chance?”

Is it costly and do they provide scholarships?

Yes! It was a bit for me but my college helped and reimbursed 50% of the registration fees, you could request your college for monetary help as well. The registration fees range from $425 – $475 (doesn’t include accommodation and flight tickets) but yes they do provide you with coupons and offers so that your stay isn’t costly. Scholarships, yes! At HPAIR Asia 2018 Conference, 50 scholarships were provided. You can even do crowdfunding if you’re really short of funds, miss the scholarship, and are selected, Check out my Crowdfunding blog for tips!

How hard and competitive is it?

Well, if you go by the name you know it! The truth. In simple words, yes it is competitive and I wouldn’t say very hard but it requires a lot of effort to fill up the application since questions aren’t that simple to answer. But after all, nothing is achieved until you put in the effort.

How was your experience at the HPAIR Asia & Harvard College Conference & Is it worth it?

Amazing is the word. Totally worth it! If you want to learn and network well, this is the conference you shouldn’t miss. To add, they also organize amazing party nights at the conference 🙂

Bingo! you got all the information you needed. Hope this helped! If there’s anything more you want to know, please feel free to message.

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