Hey! I’m finally writing this article for you, especially if you’re a student like me!

I recently crowdfunded for the first time in my life.

For? INR 1,00,000/- for The Harvard College Conference 2019 that was held at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA in February.  In how many days? Just two weeks!

Here’s my mantra that I followed to my successful fundraising campaign :

1. Before you start, explore all the options 

Yes! That’s very important. If you’re a student make sure you double-check with your parents and college if they can sponsor you or not. Most colleges do partially or fully at times. Or you can even ask them to reimburse some amount. Yes, it works. Frame a good application to your Dean and convince! That’s what it takes.

2. Starting with fundraising (Selecting your platform)

You can go for platforms like gofundme.commilaap.org or ketto.org. I personally used Milaap. All the platforms charge 5% + taxes so it’s all the same at the end.  

3. Here comes the most important part, “The Content”

Make sure you include the following/Checklist for the content :

– Your introduction My recipe for introduction is : A detailed background + achievements – Why are you crowdfunding? – The outcomes – How will you be benefited from the cause/event you’re crowdfunding for? – What will the contributors get it they donate?

4. Post, post but heyy stop!!

Now that you’re all set, post about your campaign on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram…. All sorts of social media you’re on.

Here’s what I did :

Posted twice on Facebook & Linkedin. THAT’S IT.


Because spamming is a big NO. Keep your content of the campaign real, follow the checklist I mentioned above and believe in it.  

5. The second way out

Apart from posting about it on social media, you could personally email about it to your Alumni, people you look up to on LinkedIn, your professors etc. 


Because they will always support you, so it’s a win-win here. (Even if this doesn’t go as planned, fret not. A follow back mail doesn’t take a lot of time)

6. The third way out

Do reach out to your relatives about your fundraising campaign. They heavily contribute!! So make sure you don’t miss this.  

7. The taboo

This doesn’t come under my mantra but this is important.

I remember someone asking me, “Won’t crowdfunding affect your image?”

My answer : Why would it firstly? I’m a student who is trying to chase her dream and I’m not forcing people to contribute. It’s totally one’s wish.

So if anyone tries to set you back, make sure you answer them well!

And you’re all set to start with your first crowdfunding campaign because why should money be a barricade for your dreams?

Note : Crowdfunding once or twice is okay but do not look forward to do it for every cause/event you’re unable to attend or fulfill due to monetary reasons.

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